Joey Scarborough’s voting for Ron Paul!

Today’s Scarborough interview.

The BEST part is at the very end – Scarborough AGREES with Paul on spending issues – even saying “Amen, brother” to Paul (and goes on for a minute about his agreement with Paul!) and THEN knocked me off my chair by saying,

“Alright, Ron Paul, let me tell you something. You’ve got one voter in Florida who’s never voted before: my nineteen-year-old son. His name is Joey Scarborough, a member of the Ron Paul Revolution!

Thanks so much for being with us Ron. We really do appreciate it.”

Never would have guessed this in a million years.

The interview was thorough and Ron Paul was allowed a significant amount of time for each answer.

Paul was asked questions about foreign policy, war, taxes and government spending, raising money, grassroots support, and winning over undecided voters.

The Tucker “endorsement” was also mentioned in the interview.

I also noticed that, for once, the headline/ticker underneath the interview was positive. It referred to Paul’s fund raising records vs. the often seen half-truths painted in a bad light.

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My Note to Oprah About Ron Paul

Someone in the Ron Paul Meet-Up Group suggested that people write to Oprah and let her know about Ron Paul and request that she invite him on the show for an interview. I did, and here’s my note:

Dear Oprah,

I am often refreshed by your perspective on womanhood and I enjoy reading your magazine and watching your show when I am able. I am married and am the mother of five children.

I know that you support Barack Obama, but I’m wondering if you would consider inviting Congressman Ron Paul on your show to interview him on behalf of women voters? I’m interested to know what he thinks about private citizens, like yourself, helping to make a difference in other countries and how he would compare the benefit of private donations vs. government donations and intervention and why his system is better.

As a whole, I love how he believes in and deeply cares about our nation – vs. being power hungry, upholds the constitution, wants to bring our troops home, foster friendly global relationships vs. wars and occupations, and has a solid plan to repair our financial crisis in America that is backed by a number of financial experts.

BTW, I think you can do a much better interview than they did on The View ;-)

So far, I received this automated response:

Dear Sarah Joy ,
Thank you for your e-mail! Your message is important to us. Unfortunately, due to the volume of e-mail messages we receive every day, we cannot guarantee that you’ll receive a personal response. Feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions for additional help.
Thanks again for writing to us!
The Staff

If you want to send a note to Oprah requesting she interviews Ron Paul in your own words, here is the link: