Home from the Hospital

I’m home :)

Abdominal myomectomy surgery went well.

I shared a room with an elderly woman (83 years old) who had a distended stomach. My friend Mary stopped by and handed the lady’s daughter a Gospel of John. As soon as Mary left, they threw the little booklet in the trash and made “what kind of nerve she has” type comments.

What I found to be sad and interesting was that they kept mentioning God. “Thank God you’re still alive. Thank God they were able to drain your stomach,” etc.

We often think of taking God’s name in vain to mean usage as form of swearing. But, the same can be said for empty use of His name.

After my roommate’s family left, I asked her how I could pray for her – she gave me a little list. Feeling better soon, to know what to do about her family (they wanted her to move in with them), etc. I let her know that I had a moment and I’d be happy to sit next to her an pray with her for those things. She said she was “too upset to pray” but she thanked me for praying for her.

I gave her my card in case she wanted to contact me.

The rejection of God was really sad and apparent. It was as if God was giving her a final opportunity to trust in Him, and she was rejecting Him.

Well, I’m starting to drift back asleep here.

Feeling alright. Sore. Tired. Glad to be home.

Thanks again for your prayers..

Today’s the Day

The song “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands” is stuck in my head this morning.

In 40 minutes, my alarm is supposed to go off to wake me up. One of my little guys had an accident and soaked his bed. Instead of going back to sleep after that, I got stuck in the bathroom while my stomach did crazy things. Better here than at the hospital, I guess. Well, heh, we’re not there yet.

In three hours, I am supposed to be checking into the hospital for my myomectomy surgery.

I’m really really scared – five children naturally because I hate needles, okay? I’m trying not to think about what is about to hit me.

Yesterday, we applied to renew passports for those children in our family whose passports are about to expire. In my safe where I keep the documents for this sort of thing, I found something to be read at my funeral someday – which I had written after the unexpected death of Tom’s Aunt. I was comforted to see that five years later, I wouldn’t change a thing.

My thoughts for the Living

We exist because God willed us to.
He appointed a time for us to be born and a time to die.
The time that God appointed for me to die
Is according to His perfect plan for my life
And I accept it willingly and with eagerness to meet Him, my Creator

The time that we live on this earth belongs to God
Therefore, our every thought and action must be for His glory
We must love wholeheartedly and sacrificially
Always putting the needs of others above our own
Because all our needs will be met by the Father in His due time

Read the scriptures daily
Be in a constant state of prayer
Spread the Good News with boldness —
Satan is defeated and we have nothing to fear
Look at trials as opportunities to trust in and serve the Lord
Above everything, be obedient to God
Without Him, we are nothing

I love ALL of you and look forward to seeing you in Glory,
Humbly and affectionately yours,

Sarah Joy Albrecht

PS: Tom – You and the children are the loveliest of gifts the Lord gave to me on earth, and yet your lives are eternal! Kiss our children often for me and tell them their mommy loves them soooo much!

I’m interested to see how the Lord is going to use this day for His glory.

I am in good hands.

Copper Thieves

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a large number of leaves and “helicopter seeds” falling like confetti next to our garage.

At first, I thought my neighbor was trimming the maple tree overhanging our yards – he does this occasionally. I went to the door, and saw a man climbing up to stand on our gate. “If you wait a second, I can open the gate so you can trim the tree,” I hollered – “Please don’t climb on the gate, it’s not very sturdy!”

As I opened the back door, the guy, who was very tall and wearing a golden yellow long sleeved shirt, tan fishing hat and khaki pants, began to run. The copper gutter on the side of the garage was dangling, twisted and half-way detached.

Then I realized what was going on.

“Hey! I saw what you just did! You’re trying to steal my gutters!”

My kids all ran in front of me, screaming and blocking my path. I (eek!) pushed them out of my way to chase after the guy. I rounded the corner to the alley and saw the thief get into his car and drive away. It was a gray sedan with a Pennsylvania plate ending in the numbers “131”. In the left corner of the back window was a temporary paper license plate. There was also a small “lookout” car, – perhaps a Ford Focus hatchback – black, with highly polished chrome.

This happened in the middle of the day – at 2pm.

My elderly neighbor said she had seen the the black car yesterday. It had been parked next to our garage in they alley, and the driver was standing on the side of our garage looking up at our gutters. She assumed he was going to do some work on our house. (In a way she was right – work, but not in the honest sense of the word!) In other words, this theft was planned.

I called the police and a very nice police woman named Shannon came out to write up the report. The downspouts had been stolen, and the remaining gutters were ruined. Shannon even took an interest in the children’s toys they wanted to show her. She didn’t freak out that Thomas was firing his empty cap gun into the air (the ONE thing I told him not to do – show off his “weapons” !) :)

After Officer Shannon left, the kids and I stood in the kitchen and prayed for the copper thieves. We prayed that they would be caught and that they would be repentant. We prayed that if they had financial needs that the Lord would meet them – because God never puts us in a situation where we are forced to yield to the temptation of sin in order for our needs to be met (1 Corinthians 10:13). We prayed that God would be glorified in the situation.

Our neighbor, Scott, climbed our ladder and helped me take down the dangling gutter so that no one would get injured attempting a Tarzan-swing.

After tucking the younger three children in for a nap, I called the scrap yards in our area. I gave them a description of the vehicles and the thief who pulled down the gutter in case they try to unload my downspouts. The owners of the scrap yards made sure I had the numbers of their colleagues at the other scrap yards in town – they’re all friends. They are now on the lookout for the vehicles fitting those descriptions. If the thieves showed up, the scrap yard owners said they’d keep them occupied and would call the police.

Give Me Liberty

Fact check her statements for yourself and pass it on (see links below for a start):

I have Give Me Liberty on hold at the library.

Representative Brad Sherman saying he a number of Representatives were told in private conversation that they didn’t’ vote for the bailout, “there would be Martial Law in America.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaG9d_4zij8

Oct. 1- Army can be deployed in US for Civil unrest and crowd control:
“They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control …. The 1st BCT’s soldiers also will learn how to use “the first ever nonlethal package that the Army has fielded,” 1st BCT commander Col. Roger Cloutier said, referring to crowd and traffic control equipment and nonlethal weapons designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals without killing them.”

Troops get ready:

Posse Comitatus Act

(A little extreme, but some explanation on how this can lend to Martial Law:

Our G8 buddy, Italy, is putting Italian Troops on the streets. What does it look like? (BBC footage)

It StILl FeElS LiKe MoNdAy PaNcAkEs

Yes, it does.

At 3am this morning, my 3 year old woke up. He wouldn’t let me put him back in bed.

Acting as if we weren’t in the middle of a tantrum, I said in a conversational tone, “Hey – lets make pancakes for breakfast.”

He stopped crying. “Can you put strawberries in them?”

“I don’t think I have any. How about Granny Smith apples?” (The green fruit forbidden to children we had bought for daddy when he was home. No squishy 99-cents-a-pound McIntoshes for him!)

“Aw, yeah!” he said, all tough, somehow unaware that he had tears on his face or that he had nearly woke up half the neighborhood or how deathly afraid he had just been of the dark.

“You gotta remind me when I wake up, though. I forget promises I make when I’m sleepy – just ask your dad.”

A few short hours later, I woke up to the “make pancakes, mommy” mantra x 5 x 1000.

Here’s my impromptu, “It Still Feels Like Monday Pancakes” recipe – because it does still feel like Monday. You see, one needs adequate sleep in between the days, or they just become a like long, extended hallway from one day into the next that can’t be traveled through without a headache.

Basic Bisquick Pancake Recipe (4 c. mix, 4 eggs, 2 c. milk)
1 lg Granny Smith, belonging to daddy and coming out of your allowance if you eat one, apple – diced
4 TB vanilla extract
1 TB maple syrup for giggles
1 TB sugar from the sugar bowl – because it’s right there and you don’t feel like opening a new bag
2 TB cinnamon

Scrape up the hardened macaroni noodles off of your burner from some time last week – days are irrelevant because they all blend together anyway – and cook your Monday/Tuesday pancakes on a griddle over medium heat. You’ll know they’re ready to flip when they’re bubbly. (No amount of magic will make the first batch perfect. I’m just sayin’.) Serve with just enough syrup (Tom, it’s pronounced Sir-Rup) for flavor but not enough to get in everyone’s hair when they aim for their mouths and miss. Enjoy! :)