13 Hr Flight to Japan: Complaints and Compliments

First, I am so thankful for everyone’s prayers for our safe travel to Japan.

Honestly, the long flight was easy compared to the progression of train rides from Narita to Aomori. All five children fell asleep on the last train and _would not wake up_ at our stop. They were each like 30-60 pound rocks, respectively.

The “winter mix” of sleet and now made the floor of the train as well as the platform extremely slippery. I literally held my hand in the train door to keep it open and stopped while Tom carried kids out by their shirts (Thomas has a mark on his neck to prove it) and ran back and forth for more kids and luggage. It wasn’t pretty. Tom and I were both fighting tears by the end of the ordeal.

When we arrived at the station, Tom had hoped to get a rental car but the office was closed. Tom determined that taxi availability to Goshogowara was limited, and it would not accommodate the number of people we have in our family as well as the luggage. Realizing how bad the situation was, Tom humbly called the Ghents, the pastor and his wife, from Tsugaru Gospel Church. The met us at the train station at 9pm.

I was warmed to the heart. We barely know them, and they helped us carry children and luggage to the car, drove us 45 minutes to our destination in the middle of a SNOW STORM (even stopping to check on a driver stuck on the side of the road) and then helped carry children and luggage (which had been shipped from the airport to the hotel and was waiting for us in the lobby upon arrival) up to the 10th floor. Tom’s co-worker Mike also met us at the hotel to help. Their love for the Lord was very evident. I can’t wait to go to church!

Back to the long flight.
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Moving and the Like

I’m _really_ tired, but I’m waiting for a borrowed blanket to finish drying – so I thought I’d post a quick update.

-The house is officially packed. The movers took all but the things we’re leaving behind or currently using. Thanks to our crew from Chester : George, Fred, Bernard, Phil and John.

-Today Tom received a permit from the city to rent out our house while we’re away.

-Tom and I both got our International Driving Permits from AAA

-Our family had dinner with PeaceGals Tara, Emily and Ruth (I also got to meet Emily’s mom Beth!) who were in town for the CCEF conference in Valley Forge. Snails, btw, were covering the landscaping rocks at the conference. I have never seen so many at once.

-Borrowing blankets from Momma A. , as ours are en route to Japan.

-Saturday, we’re giving away the freezers and the remaining homebrewing equipment to our friends who called ‘dibs’ :)

-Sunday morning, Lord willing we’ll be in church.

-Sunday night to hotel in Philly

-Fly out Monday morning for Japan

In other news, I have a new Facebook account, as does Tom and my “older” kids :)

*yawn* I can hear the dryer is done. Need some rest.

Jello : Threat to Horses?

Excerpt from this morning’s argument during Playdough sculpting.

Tab was making horses.

Thomas was making aliens.

Tabitha : I love horses.
Thomas : I hate horses.
Tabitha : You shouldn’t hate horses. If there was no such things as cars or buses, how would you get to church? You couldn’t unless you have a horse!
Thomas: If there were no cars or buses, I’d stay home from church, kill a horse, make Jello and eat it!
Tabitha: [Mortified] Mom!! Does ALL the gelatin in the world come from horse hooves?
Me: No.
Tabitha: See Thomas? You don’t HAVE to kill horses to make Jello.