Review: Shiso Pepsi

June 25, 2005, Japan – Tasting Shiso Pepsi for the first time.

Pepsi authentically bottled the flavor of shiso – but does it make for a tasty beverage?

Note: While Shiso Pepsi has the citrus-like background notes of Pepsi, there isn’t a hint of cola flavor. Sweetened Shiso + Bitter Lime/Citrus.

6.20.09 – The Progression of a Fall

More can be learned from walking a mile in someone else’s shoes than in a day spent navel-gazing. Get over yourself. 1:29AM Jun 20

Earlier in the day:
This is going to be an awesome day. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. 9:10 AM Jun 19th

From my friend this afternoon:
bethcat@mrsalbrecht How awesome was it?I thought the same at the start, but the disguise awesome’s wearing still has me spinning 3:19 PM Jun 20

My reply:
@bethcat Turns out Humble Thyself was wearing the ‘awesome disguise’ ;) 4:25 PM Jun 20

Proverbs 16

Dandelion Gifts: Keeping Short-Stemmed Flowers


The flowers my children pick for me make me feel loved — but they always have short stems! In the clip below, I share my tip for keeping these precious gifts.

Items that can be REUSED for “Short-Stem Vases” :

  • Tiny jam/spread jars from gift sets
  • Salt shaker or other small condiment dispensers
  • Travel sized beverage containers (Sapphire Gin bottles are a pretty blue!)
  • Sea shells
  • Bottle caps (like from an empty vanilla bottle)
  • Brown-tinted glass vitamin bottles, label removed
  • Keeping treasures from your family in your work area encourages you to remember “why you’re doing what you’re doing”, reminds you to pray for them and to think of ways to be a blessing to them while you work. It also shows them that the things they give you are important enough for you to put on display.

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    Apple Juice and Soap: A Japanese Apology


    Recently, a uniformed gentleman representing a road construction company rang our doorbell. He handed me two gifts wrapped in beautiful yellow-rose printed paper as well as a large envelope. I bowed and thanked him for the trouble. He then bowed deeply and headed over to the neighbor’s house.

    Inside the envelope was an apology for potential upcoming noise and limited access to one of the entrances to our house after 8pm for a few evenings in June. The packages contained a large box of Sheseido soap bars and a case of apple juice.

    While it was completely unnecessary to give us gifts in order to win our favor, it was a thoughtful gesture and a far cry from waking up to jackhammers an hour before noise-curfew ended at our old apartment in West Chester, PA.