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By writing this post, I am proving to myself that I am coming to terms with the fact that my beloved .com was bought by a domain squatter.

A few months ago, my website disappeared.

After making some phone calls, I was told that Yahoo emailed an old address — not even the one listed the domain, but the original Yahoo email address at the time of purchase several years ago — when the domain was expiring. This email was never recieved by us.

For my domain, Yahoo used a domain registrar was in Melbourne, Australia. The Australian company wanted nearly $300 from me to buy the domain out of remission. They said my other option was to wait until December 9th, when the domain was released to the general public and then I could purchase it for a considerably less amount of money.

On that day, I went to buy my domain back and found that a domain squatting company had beat me to it and was using it for advertisement space.

The owner’s contact information provided through WhoIs is fradulaent.

My old domain is apparently for sale through Sedo, but after several attempts to purchase it, there has been no response from the new owners.

If you have links on your site to my .com URL, kindly update them by simply changing the ending to .net . This will lessen the value of my old URL, and hopefully weaken the deamand and the seller’s undisclosed asking price.

Much love…