Fridge Snapshot : Prolonging the Life of Poultry


An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry. – George Eliot

This is my current fridge interior. Yes, that bag says “Chicken Guts” and, yes, there are two whole chickens being brined in that enormous metal bowl.

After roasting these brined chickens tomorrow, their remains will join up with “Chicken Guts” and be boiled into gallons of lovely homemade broth.

Meanwhile in Washington…

Bwak! Bwak!

Do You Have Money to Burn?

If you do not have money to save, you do not have money to burn.

Saving vs. spending and the health of the economy was the topic of my conversation with @sethsimonds today.

I punctuating this pondering by watching Ron Paul at today’s Financial Services Hearing, where he essentially accuses Goldman Sachs of fraud. (Remember my pre-election / bailout post at Nolan Chart, Bad Assets and Band Aids?) :

Just finished reading Paul’s book, “End the Fed”. A review is on my to-do list!

One of the things I miss about living in the US is helping with the nitty-gritty of grassroots politics. Being a precinct leader for Paul’s 2008 campaign and then attending his rally in Philadelphia with my husband, our children, and over 5,000 other supporters, is one of my fondest memories.

Photo Credit: Piggy Bank by Alesa Dam via Flickr

Saturday Afternoon Children’s Poems

My friend Anne shared some children’s poems with me today, so I thought I’d post them for keeps. Imagine! Enjoy!

Pipes and Drums

A little Pixie Piper went
A-piping through the glens;
Some folks who heard him thought his notes
A robin’s or a wren’s.

“How late to hear a robin sing
It must be nearly ten!
(The Pixie Piper chuckled and
Went piping down the glen.)

If it wasn’t quite a robin’s note,
fancy ’twas a wren
(The Pixie Piper chuckled and
Went piping down the glen.)

If we’d been there we might have made
The same mistakes ourselves;
The only folks who knew the truth
Were Goblins, Gnomes, and Elves.

The Pixies sought their pixie pipes
The Goblins fetched their drums
The Gnomes and Elves called everywhere,
“The Pixie Piper comes!”

He led them slowly through the town
And slowly back again
Some folks who heard them thought the drums
Were raindrops on the pane.

And, as the Goblin band drew near,
Cried, “Listen to the hail!”
(The Goblin drummers chuckled and
Went drumming down the dale.)

Be careful, pray, the next wet day,
To make quite sure yourselves,
The patter’s really raindrops not
The drums of drumming Elves.

-Lilian Holmes from the “The Golden Flute An Anthology Of Poetry For Young And Children”


The Second-Hand Shop

Down in the grasses
Where the grasshoppers hop
And the katydids quarrel
And the flutter-moths flop –
Down in the grasses
Where the beetle goes “plop,”
An old withered fairy
Keeps a second-hand shop.

She sells lost thimbles
For fairy milk pails
And burnt-out matches
For fence posts and rails.
She sells stray marbles
To bowl on the green,
And bright scattered beads
For the crown of the queen.

Oh, don’t feel badly
Over things that you lose
Like spin tops or whistles
Or doll’s buckled shoes;
They may be the things that
Fairy folk can use,
For down in the grasses
where the grasshoppers hop
A withered old fairy
Keeps a second-hand shop.
-Rowena Bennett

Photo credit: Fairy Pumpkin House by Tinyfroglet via Flickr

Getting Rid of Your Social Security Number

Take a moment to click through the buildfreedom link and read the article, there are step-by-step procedures, including a form letter, along with about a half-page of legal helps, to get rid of one’s SS#.

Follow the steps and see what happens. There isn’t going to be a sweet, gentle, cushy, painless way to do it. You’re probably going to get quite a fight, and probably be under surveillance of some sort, for the rest of your life. This is a choice you’ll have to make.

I would also recommend joining , where you can network with like-minded individuals.

FWIW, I’m not ready for this fight and still have my SS#.

(Originally Posted 3/6/2008)

I’m wondering what it takes to get rid of one’s social security number, and the implications of not having one.

From “Secrets of the Social Security”.

This document covers:

* Individual Free-Market Economic Power.
* General information on Social Security.
* The Social Security Act.
* “Comment Upon Voluntary Nature of Social Security” – legal brief by Attorney Larry Becraft.
* Three kinds of TG #s: SSN (Social Security Number); EIN (Employer Identification Number); TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number).
* The structure of the SS# – significance of first three digits – ranges assigned to each state – ranges not used – significance of digits four and five – significance of last four digits.
* How to legally change your SS# – copy of relevant TG policy and procedures.
* How to get a new TIN from the IRS – sample SS-4 form – how to use your TIN number for credit applications.
* How Credit Bureaus identify you.
* How to establish a new credit file.
* The common law name principle.
* The Anthony Hargis method to terminate your SS#.
* Other organizations that help you terminate your SS#.
* General advice on operating without a SS#.
* Several ways to open a bank account without a SS#.
* Bibliography on SS# and identities.

This video from also quite informative. It’s more about taxes than the SSN, so it’s a little off-topic for this post, but I found it during my SSN search and the testimony from juror Marcy Brooks made me want to include this clip. She’s my hero. Taxes and Social Security Numbers go hand in hand.

Who Owns Children?

Regardless of what you think about refusing treatment, listen to the argument at the end for the state trying to take over: “Parents don’t own their children, they are just stewards of their care.” Does this mean the state does own children?

The 13 year old boy does not want chemotherapy. Does that mean that we don’t even “own” ourselves?

Many implications and questions.


“We can’t take someone else’s rights away to avoid our responsibilities.”

Saw this at Mommy Life and had to share!

Twelve year old Lia Mills wrote this speech for a contest at school. On March 12, 2009, she was given the Susan B. Anthony Young Leader Award.

My favorite line: “You have to remember that with our rights come responsibilities, and we can’t take someone else’s rights away to avoid our responsibilities.” (Wow. Applicable in so many ways!)

Mills ends the speech by bringing in a quote from Horton Hears a Who!

The full version of the speech can be found here.