Two-Wheeler: Remember Your First Ride?

This morning, with proud strides, Micah walked into the kitchen and announced that he had taught himself to ride his bicycle.

“Wanna see?” he asked, his cheek-dimple showing from his wide grin.

He didn’t have to ask me twice.

Update: The night after this was filmed, Micah set his bike next to the garage, instead of putting the bike inside of the garage. It was stolen. He’s heartbroken. With a new understanding of the importance of caring for bikes, and his promise to do so, we’re looking for a “new” bike for him. If you live nearby and see a decent one for for $20 or less, will you let me know?

Brilliant Pink Valentine’s Sunrise

This morning’s sunrise can only be described as thrilling.

The sunrise reflected off of the snow, creating a pink glow that brought the heavens down to earth. It was like a Valentine’s Day gift from God Himself.

Six years ago today, I received an even more amazing gift : Micah, who arrived after a mere 45 minute labor.

Eager to get out of bed on his birthday, Micah was awake with the sun.

He was peeking out the window when I came in to check on him.

“Did you see the sun, Mom?”

“Yes!” I said, camera already in hand. “I’m going to go catch it for you so you can save it forever!”

Sage Harvest

She ain’t got no money
Her clothes are kinda funny
Her hair is kinda wild and free
Oh, but Love grows where my Rosemary goes
And nobody knows her like me. – Edison Lighthouse

Tonight, I harvested the sage remaining in the garden.

My kitchen smells so earthy-sweet!

Tabitha helped me to wash the leaves, puree them, and freeze them in little spoonfuls for future use. Dried, bottled, store-bought herbs simply don’t compare!

I still remember when I planted my herb garden in 2006, the summer just before my Leah was born in September. I was so big and pregnant, I could hardly bend down to plant.

Below is picture of Micah, a little over a year old, “helping”.

The perennial sage and mint we planted are still grow strong, even after being unattended while we were in Japan :)

And… yes, of course, I believe that children should know where their food comes from and participate in each step of the process — from planting to the table.

Skunk Attack: Micah, Age 5, Sprayed in the Face

Micah, 5, was sprayed in the face by a skunk.

While vacationing in Tunkhannock, PA, this past week, Micah and Aiden were driving Aiden’s radio controlled monster truck through the campground and encountered a skunk.

Micah got a little too close.

In this YouTube clip, Micah describes what the stink cloud looked like just before it hit him.

He vows to keep away from wildlife, and, for the record, his eyebrows still stink.